CyberLending 2

My last blog addressed what I like to refer to as CyberLending, a part of what is now generally described as FinTech.  Last week I was featured in an article in the Long Island Business News, the leading business publication on Long Island, New York.  The article is entitled Virtual Lending.  A pdf of that article is attached and the link is:

Yesterday, 60 Minutes presented a feature on FinTech which you can either watch or read here:

Also, last week, the Commercial Finance Association held a seminar in New York City on the Future of FinTech and its planning committee for its annual convention committed to present several panels on FinTech at its November convention.  Whether FinTech (or CyberLending, as I prefer) will dominate the financial world is yet to be seen.  What is clear is that it is getting quite a bit of attention now and cannot be ignored.

I suspect you will be hearing more from me on this topic – but that is enough for today.